Zenspire Pen


Manage your stress in 1 minute ! 

Breathe deeply by focusing on the changing light intensity. All you have to do is click the pen to turn it into a visual breathing guide. The white LED system built into the pen will light up for 5 seconds. It’s time to INHALE.
The white light then fades for 5 seconds. It’s time to EXHALE.
The session lasts for 1 minute.
The technique of heart coherence becomes child’s play.
Learning to breathe well and manage stress with the ZENSPIRE Pen becomes a pleasure. The ZENSPIRE Pen can also help children reduce their stress by putting the emphasis back on writing and learning.
Try me today. It’s easy, enjoyable, and very effective

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Integrated heart coherence program
LED smart white retro lighting
Lighting safety
Available in 6 colors
Touch screen option
Black ink
Possibility to personalize the pen with your logo
Weight: 13.6 g