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With ZENSPIRE Relax, no need for a smartphone or computer. It does not use Wifi or Bluetooth. Its simple half-sphere design measures only 8.5 cms in diameter and is pleasant to the touch. It guides your breathing to the rhythm of a blue light and/or vibration. You can place it on your desk, next to your bed, or in your pocket. Much more effective than the breathing guides used with hyperactive children, it allows older people who may not be familiar with smartphones to practice breathing.

100% Effective

to All


Learn the 5/5 method
Inhale for 5 seconds
Exhale for 5 seconds
For 3 to 5 minutes

(i.e., 6 full breaths per minute)


100% Effective

In less than 5 minutes,
this regular breathing
allows the nervous system
to calm down.
These physiological data
are scientifically proven.

Accessible to All

Regardless of your age or health status, whether you are energetic or lethargic, experienced or inexperienced, the heart coherence technique works in 100% of cases.


the benefits
of heart


Breathing seems to be something natural and insignificant.
But to be truly effective, we need to know different breathing methods
and their associated benefits.
Heart coherence is the easiest and most effective of all methods.

the benefits
of heart


Breathing seems to be something natural and insignificant.
But to be truly effective, we need to know different breathing methods and their associated benefits.
Heart coherence is the easiest and most effective of all methods.

To benefit from heart coherence, you just have to breathe. But not in any way: an inhalation of 5 seconds followed by an exhalation of 5 seconds. The frequency is 6 full breaths per minute.
The heart rate then synchronizes with the respiratory rhythm, and the brain interprets this state as emotionally neutral. As a result, the body starts to function better. It does not tire as quickly. Its resistance to diseases and intellectual performance (memorization, decision-making, and creativity) are also reinforced. All of this can be physiologically explained.

A few minutes of heart coherence lead to changes in the immune and hormonal levels. Decreased cortisol levels (responsible for the negative effects of stress), increased DHEA (anti-stress hormone), and increased immunoglobulin A (IgA, a stress marker that persists in the blood 6 hours after exercise). According to clinical studies conducted over the last 10 years by the American Institute HeartMath, regular practice of heart coherence reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients, blood cholesterol levels, and pain perception, especially in cases of osteoarthritis or acute arthritis.

How to use your ZENSPIRE Relax ?

ZENSPIRE Relax is very easy to use.
Press the ON/OFF button to begin a 5-minute session.


Blue light with vibrations: I inhale through my nose for 5 seconds while concentrating on my abdomen.White light without vibrations: I exhale through my mouth for 5 seconds while concentrating on my abdomen.  

To adjust the intensity, hold down the buttons.

Every time you adjust the light or vibration function, you restart a 5-minute session – ZENSPIRE memorizes the last settings used.

in any situation

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, ZENSPIRE adapts to your needs.
By synchronizing your breath with the light variations of ZENSPIRE or placing your hand on top of it to feel to the gentle vibrations, you will always return to a state of calm.

in any situation

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, ZENSPIRE adapts to your needs.
By synchronizing your breath with the light variations of ZENSPIRE or placing your hand on top of it to feel to the gentle vibrations, you will always return to a state of calm.

At the office

I put ZENSPIRE Relax
next to my computer and I breathe calmly to the rhythm of the light.
(Inhale through nose – exhale through mouth)

In the subway

I slide ZENSPIRE Relax
in my pocket
and I breathe calmly to the rhythm of the vibration.
(Inhale through nose – Exhale through mouth)

At home

In my chair, to relax easily,
I breathe to the rhythm of the light, my eyes close gradually,
putting my hand on ZENSPIRE Relax
I continue to breathe to the rhythm of the vibration. (Inhale through nose – exhale through mouth)



ZENSPIRE Relax: Ref ZR101

Ready for operation

5S / 5S Integrated Heart Coherence Program

Retro Smart LED Lighting Blue / White

Vibrating motor

3 buttons with memory function

Ergonomic design

Materials: Anti-shock ABS – Hypoallergenic Silicone

Lithium battery with charge indicator: 1200mAh – 5V

USB cable length:  20 inches – 0.50 m

Weight: 0.33 Lb -150 g

Dimension: 3.4 x 2 inches – 8.6 x 5.2 cm

1 years warranty

Expert Testimonials

Some specialists experienced the ZENSPIRE office range.
Here is what they said. 

“Some of my clients come to the health spa with lots of stress. Before their treatment or massage, I suggest that they use ZENSPIRE for 5 minutes. They all tell me that it helps them to relax... Some even take it into the relaxation area. It’s an incredible tool to manage stress.”

Valerie Crucis

Easy Spa Concept

“Stressed? Overwhelmed? With ZENSPIRE, concentrate on your breathing and take the time to breathe ! Focus your attention on your breath and take this opportunity to relax and become aware of your bodily sensations.”

Marie-Rose Windels

Breathing Expert Organizer of the GIC 2016

“These everyday objects help you manage your stress and do yourself some good. What a great idea that works wonderfully well!”

Thierry Thomas

Consultant, author, and speaker

“I have lots of trouble relaxing in the evening and falling asleep. On my smartphone, I have a few applications to help me relax, but every time I pick up my phone, I can’t help reading my e-mails, messages, and texts. ZENSPIRE is so easy to use that it almost becomes a game. Since I’ve started taking it to bed, it is very easy for me to fall asleep. Most of the time, I drift off to sleep before the end of the 5 minute breathing session.”

Julien Poujol

General manager, Novanea

“As a psychologist and hypnosis therapist, I use ZENSPIRE with my patients. I ask them to breathe for 5 minutes in full consciousness and observe what is happening to them. They often speak of the calm, relaxation, and serenity that they feel. After the hypnosis session, they go home to practice heart coherence on their own, three times a day.
This natural breathing exercise helps them stop smoking, lose weight, and lessen their anxieties and phobias, among other things.”

Sandrine Colau

Psychologist, hypnosis practitioner, www. sandrinecolau.com

Jean-Louis Portales Creator of ZENSPIRE and O2CHAIR

Asked Questions

Thierry Thomas Creator of the Respirelax application

Frequently Asked Questions

Jean-Louis Portales, Creator of ZENSPIRE and O2CHAIR

Thierry Thomas, Creator of the Respirelax application

Par Jean-Louis PORTALES, créateur de ZENSPIRE et de O2CHAIR et Thierry THOMAS, créateur de l'application Respirelax

Should I breathe through my mouth or nose ?

Nasal inhalation has several advantages: the air is filtered and heated, with the difference in temperature between the ambient air and body being perceived. Nasal inhalation is thus accompanied by a thermal sensation, which increases respiratory consciousness that is one of the goals of the practice. Breathing out through the mouth helps you become aware of the exhaling sensation. By slightly tightening your mouth, your lips vibrate. The gentle vibration of the air tells us about the exhalation. This consciousness then reinforces the practice by differentiating between the inhalation and the exhalation.

Should I open or close my eyes ?

 When you close your eyes, you do not perceive external sensations or visual distractions, which is useful in the beginning. But the aim of heart coherence is to live better in the world with all our senses.

Can this exercise be performed in the evening before falling asleep ?

A heart coherence session with ZENSPIRE Relax is very beneficial before you fall asleep. It will remove any stress from your day. One advantage of ZENSPIRE Relax is the vibration mode, so there is no need to keep your eyes open.

Can I use ZENSPIRE Relax while driving ?

It is strongly advised not to use ZENSPIRE Relax while driving, as it may cause a state of drowsiness.

Is it good to practice for more than 5 minutes?

The 5-minute sessions provide the best time/benefit ratio. If you practice for more than 5 minutes, you may become caught up in negative thoughts that affect the quality of the session. A shorter session is conceivable for more experienced practitioners who enter a state of heart coherence quickly. Regardless of the amount of practice, improved wellbeing should be felt in the first few minutes.

What is the optimal number of sessions per day ?

Three 5-minute sessions are enough.
The benefits of ZENSPIRE Relax should be felt for the next 4 hours. To feel its benefits throughout the day, you should practice in the early morning, afternoon, and evening.
Stress and tension decline dramatically after 15 days of practice, and in a meaningful and lasting way after 2 months.

Is it normal to feel tingling in the nose, mouth, chest, or even the teeth ?

It is possible, but not necessarily normal. This may mean that you are hyperventilating, because your brain is receiving more oxygen than usual. Often, we lack oxygen when we breathe normally, and the brain does not receive enough oxygen to function optimally. So, when you take in more oxygen than usual, the body responds. After a short adaptation period, these tingling sensations will pass. Pains, aches and other effects on sensitive parts of your body will decrease because of the increased oxygen intake.

What should I pay attention to ?

It is very important to focus your attention on the light and/or vibration. You will become more aware of your breathing, and your mind will be less distracted by thoughts.

What do I need to do to optimize the ZENSPIRE Relax experience ?

We advise you to find a calm and well-ventilated place and dress in comfortable clothes – undo your shirt collar and belt. Important: avoid overeating before each session..

Effectuer cet exercice debout ou allongé est-il moins intéressant qu'assis ?

Heart coherence is generally practiced while sitting. The lying down or standing positions may be less effective, as our blood pressure sensors react differently. Lying down is possible, but it will be much less effective.

My breathing rhythm differs from ZENSPIRE Relax , and I find that the exercise is too fast/slow. Is this normal ?

ZENSPIRE Relax’s rhythm of 6 full breaths per minute with 5 seconds of inhaling and exhaling is unnatural. However, it aims to help you return to the equilibrium of your nervous system. Your body is not used to this rhythm and may need time to adapt. After a few days, you will be able to adapt to this new rhythm. It’s like any exercise. For example, if you go jogging, the first time is difficult, but with perseverance your body adapts.

At what age is it possible and advisable to use ZENSPIRE Relax ?

There is no age limitation. ZENSPIRE Relax is fun, and children are easily able to focus on the light variations. Your child can use ZENSPIRE from the age of 3 or 4 years.