ZenSpire Chose to register in the 1% movement for the planet. It’s an ethical choice. To do good to oneself with the breathing coach also allows, at a small level certainly, to do good to the planet. To better understand this action, here are some lines taken from the site 1% for the planet France.

Our planet can no longer wait
The evidence is overwhelming: climate change is an imminent threat, our food systems and our lands in danger, our waters and our species are threatened as never before. If we do not act now, the viability of our planet and of our quality of life – to say nothing of the health of our economy – are facing an existential threat.
Unfortunately, the world community is far from meeting this challenge. Currently, in the United States only three percent of philanthropy goes to environmental causes (hardly more in France, about 5%). In addition to this, the state’s funding for the environment is variable. The world community has the opportunity to take responsibility for the planet and to lead positive changes.

The power of collective impact
The 1% for the Planet offers a credible and accessible way to support the environment. It is not always easy to know where and how to support good associations. Most businesses and individuals do not have the expertise to develop their own environmental donation strategies, and few have the time or resources to sort through the many options That would allow them to have an impact.

Why we made this choice
By joining 1% for the planet ZenSpire participates in an association that maximizes the impact of its support by taking the initiative to connect us to their non-profit partners of trust. This allows us to make more targeted decisions, and to collaborate with an increased support network for environmental solutions.
When individuals and businesses join the 1% for the Planet, they take responsibility and give back to approved associations focused on protecting the environment. Many believe that we manage all the philanthropy of our members and that we give it to various non-profit organizations.