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Do your visitors urgently need to sit down and relax between two meetings?

Do they want to discover the benefits of breathing and cardiac coherence?

Are they looking for effective and natural solutions to get back to sleep, control their stress and boost their vitality?

We have the solution :

Offer them, for your next Edition, a unique well-being space!!!


During the 129 National Congress of French Firefighters, we made a partnership with the company Zenspire, the feedback from visitors and exhibitors was very positive
In fact, the Zenspire solution allows you to take an energizing break whatever the time of day, it's a real decompression bubble

Lieutenant-Colonel Stéphane Théron


During the last wellness and alternative medicine fairs, we offered, in partnership with Zenspire, cardiac coherence workshops, the public's interest was evident. 
Zenspire allows you to practice a regenerating turbo nap that is both beneficial for visitors and our exhibitors  
Vadhana KHATH

Director of Well-being and Alternative Medicine Salons & Zen Salon

Who are we ?

Zenspire is an innovative, non-connected solution that allows you to easily practice turbo napping through cardiac coherence.

It was elected “Product of the Year 2020” and received the “Psychologie Magazine 2023 prize”.
It was also the subject of an effectiveness study tested at the Grenoble University Hospital.

Zenspire is already a partner of the main well-being fairs (Alternative Medicine Fair, Sesame) and many other events such as “Milipol”, “les Thermalies”, “National Congress of Firefighters, etc.


What do we offer you?

The Zenspire micro-nap space.

It constitutes a real bubble of decompression and relaxation to allow visitors and exhibitors to regain energy in just 5 minutes.

YOU hasenhance the experience of visitors and exhibitors with a unique relaxation space.


How does it happen ?

Visitors and exhibitors are welcomed and accompanied by our team and can discover cardiac coherence and the benefits of an energizing break and, thanks to breathing, learn to control their stress, regain sleep and optimize recovery.

They just need to concentrate on their breathing and follow the light, vibration or sound fluctuations of Zenspire

This space is made up of deck chairs, noise-canceling headphones and eye masks.
It is hosted throughout the day by experts from the Zenspire team


A Win Win partnership

In exchange for an allocated space, we offer you the service.

You benefit from our event promotion campaign which increases the number of visitors.

You Improve the experience of visitors and exhibitors thanks to a unique relaxation space.

You increase your satisfaction rate during the visit.

You offer an unforgettable experience to your visitors.

Our needs

A minimum dedicated space of 12 m2 and an electrical box, for the rest we take care of everything!


They trust us :

Salon Milipol
Les Thermalies
Salon Bien-Etre
Journée de la préparation mentale
Le congrès du sommeil
Le congrès national des sapeurs pompiers de france

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Salon Bien être Médecine douce à Marseille au Parc Chanot

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