Expert Testimonials

Received the Zenspire Relax a few days ago and it is already part of my daily life.

I like the vibrator, I close my eyes and settle into full awareness. Sometimes I follow a thought, and the Zenspire calls me to order, it's great! 5 minutes is nothing compared to all the time-consuming activities.

Now I don't have any trouble falling asleep at bedtime.
My new “soft toy” arrived after 2 nights of insomnia. I put it next to my pillow and at 3am I turned it on and avoided sleepless nights.
Plus, it's soft.



I received the Zenspire relax and the Zenspire Sleep and I find the product great and so easy to use.


Laurence VIGNAL


I adopted the Zenspire as soon as it arrived! it is part of my daily is the ideal companion to feel better and overcome stress.
I practice my cardiac coherence for 5 minutes 3 times a day…

I take the Zenspire to work, then it sits on my living room table or on my bedside table…
I especially like the light version, in the evening I turn off all the lights in the house and I practice consistency using only the light of the Zenspire, it's fabulous.

Well done and thank you to the entire Zenspire team.


Monica BUSSO

The Zenspire Sleep is truly extraordinary. Lots of difficulty falling asleep….. there I fell asleep before 10 minutes and my partner, just by hearing the sound of vibrations, also fell asleep before 10 minutes…


Lucienne ROCH

I had been looking for many months for how to wean myself off the multiple chemical crutches that allowed me to sleep. Without believing it, I ordered a Zenspire Sleep. It's a real revelation. I use it in vibration mode. I sleep on my stomach and tuck it under the pillow. I place my hands on it and my mind is totally absorbed by the imposed breathing rhythm. No more ruminations. I fall asleep much more easily.
Thank you very much for this beautiful and simple invention.



Thank you for the ZENSPIRE SLEEP which is a beautiful object and which allowed me to fall asleep last night well before the 10 minutes?



I use them every day because they are simple, practical and fun.
Furthermore, I tested the Zenspire relax with a class of 16 year olds.

I lowered the blinds a little, turned off the lights and placed the device on a chair on the desk so that everyone could see the Zenspire, the rhythm of the colors and hear the sounds clearly.

Spectacular results.

The young people found a deep calm and were delighted.
They asked me to do it again in the next class.