• Zenspire, for whom?

Zenspire® is not connected, thanks to its single On/Off button, it is very simple to use.
Whatever your age (from 3 years old), it adapts to all your needs: it's you who decide, with a single press of your finger, in your bed, at work, or in the metro, to take control your stress and your sleep.

• How does it work ?

Breathing broadly and deeply in a state of cardiac coherence is a simple, quick and effective solution to regulate the heart rate.
This naturally induces a state of refocusing, physiological and emotional stability leading to a feeling of calm.
The heart, immediately lulled by this regular breathing, calms down. It thus transmits to the brain a reassuring message of calm: “everything is fine, no stress”! It's simple but you still have to breathe at the right pace.
To guide you, your ideal companion will be ZENSPIRE®, your Breathing Coach.

• Why does it work better with Zenspire?

It is not easy to practice guided breathing in Cardiac Coherence by counting in your head or with your fingers, have you ever tried it?
It is also strongly recommended not to use an application because numerous studies highlight the harmful effects of smartphones before falling asleep.

Zenspire® is not connected, works without wifi or bluetooth.
It offers several ways to guide your breathing:
Light, sound and vibration

Sound mode and vibration mode are the most effective.
In fact, these modes allow you to close your eyes in order to concentrate more easily on your breathing, the mind is short-circuited, parasitic thoughts and ruminations, often responsible for stress and insomnia, fade away. Within a few minutes, the flow of thoughts diminishes and your mind lets go.

• Why does it work better in Vibration mode?

The vibration mode is a real plus because it allows you to free yourself from the visual and auditory senses which are the senses that are constantly in use.
Highly stressed people or hyperactive children who cannot concentrate on a sound or image will be able to practice guided breathing without difficulty.

• Why is it even better in vibration mode?

It’s even better because we are the only ones to offer it 🙂
By taking your Zenspire, eyes closed and positioning it on the abdomen with both hands on it; the gentle vibration that guides your breathing will induce a massaging and relaxing effect that promotes relaxation and relaxation. This is a real plus, to let go more quickly.
This vibration also activates the numerous acupuncture points located in the palm of our hand and actively stimulates the stomach, our second brain.

• Waking up at night, I go back to sleep without disturbing my partner!

Nocturnal awakenings are the anxiety of insomniacs as well as those of their spouses.
Re-activating Zenspire in the middle of the night is child's play, the Sleep program used when going to bed remains in memory.
All you have to do is press the single On/Off button to restart a 10-minute cardiac coherence session.
Zenspire like a comforter works without wifi or bluetooth, it remains immediately accessible under your sheets all night long.
When it starts, its gentle vibration or audio will not disturb your partner.

• Oops, I don’t fall asleep well….

If your sleep problem is significant, we advise you to practice a session in Relax mode before going to bed: 5s inspiration / 5s inspiration, then once in bed, you can switch to Sleep mode: 4s inspiration / 6s expiration.
By gradually lengthening your exhalation in relation to your inhalation, you get closer to your objective which is to settle into the rhythm of the Zenspire®.
Sleep is a complex subject and insomnia is not alike.
Give yourself time to assimilate the change. Be kind to yourself and persevere over several days! The results will be there soon!

• How to breathe with Zenspire?

We recommend inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. While focusing on the light, sound or vibration signal, bring your attention to the region of the abdomen and listen to the air coming in and out.
Whatever mode you choose, when you concentrate on your breathing in this way, the mind is as if short-circuited; parasitic thoughts and ruminations, often responsible for stress and insomnia, disappear.
Within a few minutes, the flow of thoughts diminishes and your mind lets go.

• I don't know how to breathe!

At first, it may seem difficult to keep up with the pace you set. Some training is often necessary to achieve this.
Starting with Kids mode: 4s of inspiration / 4s of exhalation which is easier then moving on to Relax mode: 5s of inspiration / 5s of exhalation and finally to Sleep mode: 4s of inspiration / 6s of exhalation, you get closer to your goal which is to keep up with the rhythm of Zenspire®.

• Zenspire shuts down by itself?

Zenspire will turn off automatically at the end of the exercise and remembers the last mode used, Relax, Sleep or Kids.
It is very easy to find your favorite exercise.

• Stress self-assessment rule, why do it?

Your ZENSPIRE comes with two stress self-assessment rules, they allow you to evaluate your stress level before and after the experience.
Very easy to understand and simple to use, it allows you to know where you are at a precise moment in relation to your stressors and to best appreciate the Zenspire experience.
A very fun tool for young people and essential for therapists and health professionals.

• 100 Days to test myself!

If for any reason you are not satisfied or Zenspire does not work for you, we will refund your money.