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Basic Training in Cardiac Coherence ONLINE

a Zenspire + V2 is offered for each training 

Train in professional cardiac coherence 100% online
The professional training of Dr. David O'Hare of reference

A unique theoretical and practical program 


 Zenspire + V2 offered

Basic Cardiac Coherence Training

  • Everything you need to integrate Cardiac Coherence into your professional practice
  • The reference training created and taught by Dr David O'Hare for over fifteen years
  • Nearly five thousand professionals trained to date
  • Theoretical and practical training, WITH and WITHOUT Cardiac Coherence software

Basic Training 100% ONLINE

  • Training written and presented in video training by Dr David O'Hare
  • Over 20 hours of training and supplements
  • Numerous knowledge validation quizzes
  • Quick and easy registration at any time
  • Follow the training at your own pace, come back as many times as you want, with no time limit
  • The answers to your questions by Dr David O'HARE, directly in the training
  • Free access to monthly follow-up webinars, one Thursday per month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with Dr. O'Hare

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Option: this teaching is also provided REMOTELY (Zoom videoconference)
 Consult the REMOTE Cardiac Coherence Basic Training page

Who is the training aimed at?

  • Medical, health and care professions
  • Psychotherapy, mental health and psychological support and counseling professions
  • All therapists: sophrologists, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, naturopaths and, generally, all related professions and holistic care practitioners
  • Educators, teachers and all childhood professions
  • Sports, fitness and performance optimization professionals
  • Professionals in stress management and burnout prevention
  • Prerequisites: no prerequisites are required for registration for the training, other than the French language and basic use of media viewing materials on the internet

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The training program in brief

    • Professional cardiac coherence can be practiced with or without cardiac coherence software (cardiofeedback)
    • The training fully covers both practices and includes teaching the use of the main software
    • The fundamentals :
      • Basic physiological concepts to understand cardiac coherence. Simple, complete and accessible presentation.
      • The concept of cardiac variability
      • Demonstrations and explanations of cardiac coherence software in video or live
    • Cardiac coherence:
      • Demonstration and definitions
      • How to induce the state of cardiac coherence
      • Cardiac respiratory coherence
      • The effects of cardiac coherence
    • Personal practice of cardiac coherence:
      • The 365 method explained simply
      • Other cardiac coherence techniques in personal practice
    • The professional practice of cardiac coherence without software:
      • Basic breathing techniques
      • Application in clients and teaching of use in personal practice of the client/patient
    • The professional practice of cardiac coherence with software:
      • Presentation of the different software and their characteristics
      • Software screens
      • Use of cardiac coherence software in customers

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Payment by installments

  • You can pay for your training in 3 monthly payments of €99 free of charge (do not add the training to the cart at the top of the page)

Cardiac coherence software

  • Possessing software is not mandatory to follow the training
  • It is perfectly possible to practice professional cardiac coherence without software
  • The decision to acquire software can be made later, after reflection
  • Software presented in the training:
  • We have prepared explanations and tutorials to guide you in your choice
  • The software can be ordered separately in the equip section

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What this training will do for you

  • Professional skills
    • Understanding the concept of cardiac coherence and its applications in personal and professional practice
    • How to harness cardiac coherence to achieve beneficial physiological, psychological and emotional effects
    • How to have a coaching practice without cardiac coherence software by teaching breathing techniques
    • How to have mastery of cardiac coherence software if desired to benefit from cardiofeedback assistance
    • How to effectively support a patient, a client, in their daily personal practice of cardiac coherence
  • And also …
    • Access to the directory of Cardiac Coherence professionals, if you wish
    • Permanent access to the Cohérence Info Campus, a place for exchange and documentation

⇨ Consult the Directory of Cardiac Coherence Professionals

The trainer

    • David O'HARE is a Doctor of Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille (doctorate 1977)
    • Holder of several university degrees including dietetics and psychotherapy
    • Author of seven books devoted to Cardiac Coherence
    • Designer and author of Method 365, which has become the reference in Cardiac Coherence
    • Trainer, teacher and supervisor in Cardiac Coherence since 2006
    • Nearly five thousand professionals trained to date

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Frequently asked questions

  • Frequently asked questions and answers relating to basic training are located in a specific tab at the top of the page
  • You will also find a form to ask a question whose answer is not found there.

The testimonies

ONLINE / REMOTE training comparison

  • The course program is identical for both formats
  • ONLINE Basic Training:
    • Price €365
      • Immediate and permanent access
      • Delayed answers to questions in the course
      • Unlimited access to monthly follow-up webinars included
    • Basic REMOTE training:
      • Price: €395.
      • Video training over three consecutive days at the end of the week (18 hours)
      • 10 sessions per year, one per month except in July and August
      • Course delivered in person by Dr David O'Hare via ZOOM
      • Live questions answered
      • Includes free and permanent access to ONLINE Basic Training (value €365)
      • Unlimited access to monthly follow-up webinars included

 Consult the REMOTE Cardiac Coherence Basic Training page