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Nomadic breathing and cardiac coherence coach

You need to breathe!


Effectiveness tested

June 2021

Grenoble University Hospital

Nursing and administrative staff

Geriatric day hospital

Subjective assessment of well-being

of users experienced, after the Zenspire experience, a feeling of well-being
44% without the device

The general reduction in the activity of the autonomic nervous system naturally induces a state of refocusing, physiological and emotional stability leading to a feeling of calm and well-being.

Subjective assessment of stress

of users expressed, after the Zenspire experience, a reduction in perceived stress
54% without device

Cardiac Coherence is a simple breathing practice, ideal for effectively combating stress.
It is one of the main recommendations of the French Federation of Cardiology to reduce stress.

Evaluation of SPO2

Neutrality and stabilization of % SPO2 post-session for all users with and without Zenspire

Measuring SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation) allows you to check the oxygen level in your blood to assess the general effectiveness of your respiratory function.

Cardiac frequency

of users reduced their heartbeat settings to lower values
62% without device
Breathing broadly and deeply in a state of Cardiac Coherence is a simple, quick and effective solution to regulate heart rate variability.

Blood pressure measurement

of users have normal post-session blood pressure. Zenspire lowers blood pressure during the session when it is abnormally high
58% without device
Slow, deep breathing is an effective solution for reducing blood pressure.
Cardiac activity, immediately balanced by this regular breathing, calms down.

Memorization test

Neutrality and stabilization of post-session results for all users with and without Zenspire.
No significant improvement over an exercise duration of 5 min

Regular, long-term practice of Cardiac Coherence can lead to better concentration and alertness, and increase intellectual and creative abilities.

Muscle relaxation

of users believe that using the Zenspire can help with muscle relaxation
75% without device
Breathing control is an essential key to muscle relaxation and releasing tension.
Freeing your diaphragm and intercostal muscles through ample, deep breathing will lead to general muscle relaxation.

Help with falling asleep

of users believe that using the Zenspire helps them fall asleep
73% without device
Zenspire accelerates access to the restorative nap or turbo nap, resting in a few minutes while reducing the fatigue felt.

Subjective appreciation of experience

of users said, after the Zenspire experience, positive words and expressions
81% without device
of users uttered negative words and expressions after the Zenspire experience
11% without the device
of users do not comment after the Zenspire experience
8% without the device
Cardiac Coherence allows you to obtain a stable emotional state. The heart, immediately lulled by this regular breathing, calms down. It thus transmits a reassuring message to the brain: “everything is fine, no stress”!
The proof in pictures

of Efficiency ZENSPIRE

• You are stressed ?
• You have problems Sleep ?
• Your heart gets carried away at the slightest emotion?
• You are nervous ?
• You wish strengthen your immune system ? (where are the explanations for the improvement of the immune system?)

With  ZENSPIRE , your breathing coach, the practice ofcardiac coherence becomes child's play.
Check out this simple breathing practicee, ideal for combating stress and getting back to sleep.
The benefits are felt from the first minutes.


A very effective solution against all forms of insomnia

lumière rouge orangée synchronisée avec l'inspiration

Today, there is an alternative and completely natural solution to get back to sleep.

ZENSPIRE draws on the results of recent scientific research and the recognized benefits of cardiac coherence*, of the music therapy and some chromatherapy.

With ZENSPIRE, no need for a smartphone or computer, it does not use no WiFi connection and does not emit any electromagnetic waves.

ZENSPIRE synchronizes your breathing to the fluctuations of a red-orange light and a soft vibration, as well as a soundtrack specially designed to help you fall asleep (Delta brain waves).

By quickly bringing you into a state of cardiac coherence, ZENSPIRE generates balance and harmonization of your nervous system. The production of hormones promoting sleep is activated. Whether you suffer from insomnia at bedtime or nighttime awakenings, a natural and deep sleep is guaranteed.
in less than 10 minutes !


*In 2014 when the French cardiology federation placed cardiac coherence at the top of the “10 golden rules for reducing stress” and its consequences on cardiovascular risks.



in the same device!

Zenspire +
Zenspire +
zenspire +
zenspire +

ZENSPIRE + is our new model which includes 3 programs

RELAX : Inhale for 5 seconds, Exhale for 5 seconds for 5 minutes

SLEEP : Inhale 4 S, Exhale 6 S for 10 Min

KIDS : Inhale for 4 seconds, Exhale for 4 seconds for 3 minutes

Comment cela fonctionne
18 Séances de respiration

Zenspire+ is very easy to use, you can change programs at any time.

Press for 3 seconds continuously to switch from one program to another.
You then hear the word corresponding to the program:
“ RELAX ", " SLEEP " Or " KIDS ".
Comment cela fonctionne
18 Séances de respiration

The big news is the KIDS program which allows your child to immediately find calm and relaxation.

Help for everyone from the age of 5.

An ideal gift for the whole family!


an ideal companion for children

P7 Kids enfants<br />

If your child has trouble falling asleep: too restless, worried or anxious at night, ZENSPIRE + and its Kids program, like a magic comforter, will lead him to sleep in just a few minutes.

His breathing will automatically adjust to the light and vibration fluctuations, the soundtrack will also act as a lullaby.

From early childhood to adolescence, ZENSPIRE + will be there to guarantee a return to calm, peaceful and regenerating sleep for the whole family…

Your testimonials

We distributed the lamps within the intensive care units and continuing care units of the hospital center.
Initially, I led sessions with the teams and then quickly, the caregivers took ownership of the tool and regularly held sessions during their break. This helped reduce stress levels and strengthened team cohesion during this complicated period.



Roubaix hospital center

During workshops and in each individual session, with adults or children, I use Zenspire to bring the people I support into a state of calm and balance, before any other approach, such as hypnosis. I introduce them and encourage them to practice at home afterwards, regularly to combat stress, anxiety, insomnia, but also addictions or simply for the pleasure of taking a few minutes for yourself. I recommend it to my fellow therapists and to all people, including children, it is the easiest, fun and effective tool for cardiac coherence that I have used.


Marjorie GOUJON

Therapeutic Hypnosis Positive Psychology - Coaching

Sophrologist and specialist in stress regulation, I have used cardiac coherence with my clients for many years.

The arrival on the market of ZENSPIRE coaches has facilitated the practice of the people I support, making it fun and enjoyable.

The results on chronic stress are particularly effective, for adults but also children. The Zenspire has its place at the heart of the family!



Sophrologist, Director of CGS

A bout of stress? Overwhelmed? Thanks to ZENSPIRE, focus your attention on your breathing and take the time to breathe!
Maintain this attention and enjoy this moment of relaxation that sets in, while becoming aware of your bodily sensations.

Marie-Rose WINDELS

Breathing expert, Organizer of GIC 2016

Everyday objects that allow you to manage your stress and feel good in all circumstances. A great idea that works wonderfully well.

Thierry THOMAS

Journalist, author and speaker, Thierry Thomas Advice

I use the Zenspire Relax several times a day for its practicality and comfort of use. For me, cardiac coherence is an essential tool. This is why I teach it in all my introductory and course courses. professional animal communicator: it allows you to center yourself and prepare to enter into connection and communication with your animal. Everyone's nervous systems being in interaction, our pets are at the same time as us in a state of cardiac coherence. It is now possible to relieve them while doing good for yourself.


Animal communicator

I tested the Relax model for the first time today for my daily morning cardiac coherence session. I am delighted.

It's a very nice product, easy to use and above all very effective. I loved the vibrator function which allows, without constraint, to view a photo, a landscape or to represent a situation in mental imagery in order to strengthen the state of cardiac coherence.

I will continue to test the 2 Zenspire personally but also with my family, friends and clients of my relaxation practice.
Congratulations already for these little gems.


Pascal ORY


I've been putting it on my desk for 2 days now and running it once in a while with or without inhaling/exhaling.
Just blue light…is synonymous with relaxation. Very nice discovery for me.

As Coluche said, “Here’s an idea that’s good”




I use ZENSPIRE in my practice by inviting my patients to breathe mindfully for five minutes, to observe what is happening for them; calm, appeasement, relaxation, serenity, are the words they spontaneously evoke. After the hypnosis session, they go home to practice cardiac coherence, independently, three times a day.
This natural breathing exercise allows them, among other things, to stop smoking, lose weight, and eliminate anxiety and phobias.

Sandrine COLAU

Psychologist, hypnosis practitioner

Zenspire accompanies and perfectly complements the hypnosis follow-ups that I support... a very good way of (re)connecting to oneself and letting go. Even with the mask!


Amélie GUYOT


We were able to try and have the ZENSPIRE tested within the different units of the Gerontological Center with patients. We have observed positive effects on pain, anxiety and sleep problems. The devices were first introduced by the psychologist then left freely accessible to patients, which allowed them to be more independent in managing their difficulties.




Clinical Psychologist

I have been practicing cardiac coherence regularly for several years. I discovered the Zenspire Relax at a trade show. It has become an essential tool in my daily life both personally and professionally. Our emotions having a real influence on our animals, the practice of cardiac coherence quickly allows us to calm down together. I recommend it to all people who wish improve their well-being and that of their pet.

Florent RICHET

To prevent psychosocial risks and preserve the quality of life at work in the context of the COVID crisis, a relaxation space for caregivers in the 4 CHUGA intensive care units has opened its doors.

The Zenspire were made available to caregivers at La Bulle “A well-being space for the hospital community” throughout the crisis and were widely used.



Clinical Psychologist, Grenoble Anesthesia and Resuscitation Center

Zenspire Relax is a very effective tool which was quickly adopted by my students and allows them to better control their stress, their anxiety and even their anger when emotions become too intense. Its ease of use and very simple operation, combining lights and vibrations, allows children to use it independently and according to their needs, which helps to calm minds and improve the classroom climate.”


Mistress Aurel


Since I use Zenspire Relax at the start of each treatment, my clients are relaxed in just 5 minutes. They are ready to receive treatment in better conditions. My beauticians are less stressed, more pleasant and relaxed. They are less tired at the end of the day because the clients are more relaxed.




I had the chance to preview the ZENSPIRE Relax, this innovative cardiac coherence guidedo not use no WiFi or bluetooth connection
With him, null need for a smartphone or computer for which numerous studies have highlighted the source of stress
Very easy to use, it will undoubtedly find a place of choice in many homes.


Practitioner of Craniosacral Biodynamics

I had the pleasure of meeting the creator of the ZENSPIRE range, these new nomadic breathing coaches based on Cardiac Coherence techniques attracted my full attention.
I have been systematically practicing this method for a long time with my patients and particularly during hypnotherapy treatments.
This breathing technique is a fantastic “plus”, generally, in everyday life.
I can't wait to learn more and really try them out more


Radiologist and hypnotherapist

I am a morpho-graphologist and work on the emotional behaviors of children (fighters, angry, hypersensitive, etc.) but also with children with dysfunctions (dyslexic, dyspraxic, etc.)

This “Zenspire” tool is essential in my work in order to act on relaxation, emotional control and working conditions for these little students.

This device also helps me explain the mechanism of breathing and its benefits when you can give it your full attention for a few seconds.

How is the Zenspire used: it is used at the start of each session and placed in different ways: as a general rule I let the child choose the relaxation position they prefer. Either he will choose to place it on his stomach in a lying position, or on a knee or in his hands when sitting cross-legged, or the object will simply be placed on a work surface when the child prefers to remain seated on a chair. . It will be placed on the ground when there are several of us.

Marie-Ange ROUX


I use Zenspire Sleep in my Coaching “INNER CALM” with the aim of helping people quickly move into relaxation mode.
Zenspire Sleep guides them easily and very effectively.
When people realize that they are able to activate this so-called “relaxation” mode within themselves, thanks to Zenspire Sleep, they are certainly delighted and relaxed!!


Sandrine SAGE, Alias “Alex from Back to Relaxation”

SOPHROLOGIST and Author of the channel and blog “Back to Relaxation”

The whole team thanks you very much for this little bubble of oxygen which allows us to breathe in these stressful moments.


Intensive care unit

Leman hospitals

Zenspire Relax is an incredible method to manage your stress and that of the passengers... As soon as a passenger is stressed I offer them Zenspire Relax at the start of the journey and the customer arrives at their destination de-stressed!!



Private taxi

Some of my clients arrive at the Spa with a lot of stress. Before their treatments or massages, I invite them to use ZENSPIRE for 5 minutes. They all tell me that it helps them relax… some also take it in the relaxation area. It’s an incredible tool for managing stress.

Valerie CRUCIS

Easy Spa Concept

I have a lot of trouble relaxing and especially falling asleep in the evening. On my smartphone, I have a few applications to relax but every time I pick it up, I can't help but read my emails, messages and texts. ZENSPIRE is so easy to use that it becomes a game. Since it accompanies me to my bed, it's very easy for me to fall asleep. Most of the time I don't make it to the end of the 5 minute breathing session.


General manager, Novanea

I use the Zenspire Relax device to allow pet owners sitting next to them to lower their respiratory rates to 6 cycles per minute. With the consequence of calming the animals through emotional contagion.

Dr Alexandra COUTURE

Veterinarian in Cannes


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